A fantastic and fitting end to what is in my opinion one of the best ever written fantasy trilogies.

Blood Imperial picks up where the Wolf Within left us, emperor of Toktel’yi drowned in the Kefirin river following Bron’s magical power outburst and in doing so sealed his fate and drowned along with everyone on the royal barge except the infamous court magician Al’Kayek.

Mallaso along with Bron’s baby daughter Kiyu fleeing Jo’ami have found refuge in Kerenth and assumed different identities. Al’Kayek now leaving the empire is trusted by the King of Zithirian to find Mallaso and Kiyu.

Meanwhile the empty throne of Toktel’yi is fought over by all of the lines of the blood imperial, who is going to take over,can they stop the uprisings that are now threatening to break up the once great empire and leave it in ruins and who is the fabled Flamebearer who comes to many in their dreams promising freedom? Could Bron, thought long dead, have something to do with this?

A real roller coaster of a ride, it never fails to entertain,shock and fill you with emotion. Blood Imperial is a fitting and poignant end to the Silver City trilogy. Highly recommended.

Please note the physical books of this trilogy are out of print, although you can purchase second hand copies. The trilogy is now also available on ebook and kindle. 

5 of 5 stars.