A beautiful collection of poetry themed around naturism, the environment, body confidence and positivity.As a long-time naturist, lover of the environment and champion of body confidence, I was quickly drawn ‘Stripped Verses’. Each short poem takes you away from your bricks and mortar life and brings you into the forest, the stream, the beach and makes you think about freedom. being naked and the positive effect this can have your mind, your thinking and the world around us.

I have many favourite poems in this collection including, ‘The Golden Mile’, ‘Celebratory Skin’ and ‘Touch The Sky’.

One particular stanza from the poem ‘Touch the Sky’ perfectly sums up the mood of this poetry – it’s gorgeous!

“I hear a siren calling of solitude in my ear

I walk naked amongst the rabbits, foxes and the deer

I have found my dream which I’ve wanted for so long

A natural habitat is where I’ve evolved and it’s where I now belong”. (Copyright Anthony Crowley)

Uplifting, soul affirming, warming and encouraging, I absolutely fell in love from the first poem and ‘sponged up’ every word into my very being. I love poetry, feeling the words as you read. This is a highly recommended collection.