For once I’m speechless……emotional, sad and happy and everything in between.First of all a massive thank you to my good friend Rob who bought this book and gave it to me as a present (I love you!).

Love is Love is a comic book anthology to benefit the survivors and commemorate the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, USA.

It’s a stunningly beautiful collection of one and occasionally two page stories, drawings and poetry which all runs around the themes of pride, the LGBTQ community, acceptance, diversity, hate and the love that can conquer hate….

I found It a difficult read in places, the stories literally jumping out and pulling at my emotions, many touched me deeply in ways I didn’t imagine, but I guess that’s the idea. As a proud gay man who came out a long time ago, perhaps I don’t think enough about the struggle of many in the gay community that still find themselves everyday fighting intolerance and hatred – it’s just sickening that we can’t all just love each other.

A highly, highly recommended read not just for those of us in the LGBTQ community but for everyone, whatever your sexual orientation, nationality, creed or religion = LOVE IS LOVE.