This is the second book in Pamela Belles’s Silver City trilogy. This trilogy was out of print and I have had to settle for second hand copies of it for some time, but luckily it’s now published on Kindle as an ebook trilogy. I have read and re-read this series for several years and in my opinion it ranks up there with all the other well known fantasy series.

This middle book focuses on the main character Bron who after destroying the Ska’i tribe in the end of “Silver Sity” fights the wolf within in his soul who takes control whenever Bron becomes very angry. After some embarrasing events in the city of Zithirian his father Ansaryon decides it is better fro Bron to leave the family and find a life for himself far away where the Wolf cannot harm others. 

Bron’s adventures start in Kerenth (a country where women are in charge) he becomes the consort of the Queen only to be cursed by the Gods and thrown over a cliff. 

Bron then surfaces in Toktelyi where he becomes entangled in the life of tavern-owner Mallaso who’s life is also very scarred by events in her past. Together they travel the islands of the archipelago to the magical island of Jo’ami to learn the secrets of the wolf within and ultimately leading them to an earth shattering conclusion. I love this book. I can’t speak more highly of it. Just incredible characters and a rich fantasy world with places you can feel and touch.