This is a massive fantasy book with large scope and not an easy read. It took me a long while to get into and I nearly gave up on it on several occasions but I’m glad I stuck with it because it gets much, much better as you get a quarter of the way in.

Simon is a menial servant leading a hum drum life until a random series of events and the death of King John leads to a civil war, brothers Elias and Josua fight, Elias takes the throne and Prince Josua takes flight into the dark. Simon follows leaving his comfortable life not knowing his life is set to take a strange turn on a quest to save the known lands from evil.

Classic fantasy that reminded me in many places of Game of Thrones, not surprisingly This series is one of George R R Martin’s favourite series. 

Classic, complex, not an easy read but rewarding if you take the time to read it slowly.

Four out of five stars.