Superb, page turning, addictive fantasy.This is at least the third or fourth time I’ve read this first book in the Silver City trilogy. 

It’s a wonderfully entertaining fantasy epic set over three books and written by Pamela Belle who seems almost unknown? I believe these books have been out of print now for many years however I’ve bought second hand copies. Luckily if you own a Kindle, all three books are available for the first time! 

Silver City tells the story centred on three main characters, Halthris, a warrior woman of the nomadic Tanathi tribe; Lord Ansaryon, son of the King of Zithirian ( The Silver City) and Bron a young boy with seemingly endless destructive magical powers.

The city of Zithirian basks in its glory until winter comes early and the evil war like Ska’i turn up on their doorstep in large numbers. Halthris along with her Tanathi brethren turn up at Zithirian ready to sell livestock in the fair unknowingly setting off a course of explosive events which see Halthris and Ansaryon travel south to the great empire of Tokyel’yi to ask its emperor Djamal for help in rescuing Zithirian from the Ska’i. Magic, blood and family explode in a dramatic ending setting up the plot for book two – The Wolf Within.