The 1950’s, the Plongeur is France’s first nuclear powered revolutionary submarine, an eclectic mix of crew are ‘chosen’ to take her down for the first deep sea experimental dive….

What starts out as an adventure into the deep takes a very interesting turn as Plongeur sinks ever lower, the depth gauge says it should have hit the Sea bottom by now but there is no sign of it, radar also shows no bottom? Where are they, why do they continue to sink ever lower and why is the submarine starting to act in strange ways?

A really different science fiction thriller adventure that takes the reader to what you’d think is familiar territory but then takes you beyond that, beyond your thinking…beyond anything you thought was possible.

Thought provoking, tense, claustrophobic, surprising amongst many others, Twenty Trillion Leagues under the Sea is an adventure into science, and questions and expands what you thought wasn’t possible. Slightly strange towards the end which made me scratch my head in confusion but I think that’s the point. Great read.