A fitting end to the Belgariad series, Enchanters End Game sees Garion on his final quest and the climax of the prophecy as he must travel to the dreaded lands of Mallorea and the evil, dark city of Cthol Mishrak to face the now woken god Torak.

The book sees our band of heroes split and while Garion, Belgarath and Silk travel toward the lands of Mallorea; Princess Ce’Nedra, Polgara and the others must raise an army of the west to face the Murgos now rising in the east. 

A final battle, the end of a prophecy and the beginning…

Wonderful fantasy, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every spellbinding page of all five books of the Belgariad. Beautifully written, easy to follow uncomplicated fantasy, with characters full of life, friendship and evil, it’s easy to pick up and get lost in these books. Highly recommended.