While not as exciting as the previous book in the series, Castle Of Wizardry sees many plotlines sown at the start of the series begin to come together. This is not the end of the story, although at times it feels like it. 

The ancient prophecy sees Garion and our brave party including the ‘reluctant’ Princess Ce’Nedra reach Riva on the Isle of Winds along with the rescued Orb. Little does Garion nor Ce’Nedra know or realise that they are both central to the prophecy which sees Garion crowned as the Rivan King reuniting kingdoms and placing the Orb back into safety; the prophecy also includes Ce’Nedra as she is betrothed to become Garion’s wife and the Rivan Queen.

Part of the prophecy means that the god Torak is awoken at the point the Rivan King is crowned, it’s not until Garion is informed of this that he realises a more dangerous and final part of this story awaits him….