I’m so glad I stumbled upon this novel, The Winter Over is a really tense and page-turning, claustrophobic thriller set in an isolated polar research base in Antarctica.

Many people would completely disregard and laugh at an offer to spend nine months at a ‘winter over’ at the Shackleton base in Antarctica, during the winter months there are 24 hours of darkness with temperatures of below -60 degrees Celsius and endlessly roaring winds…

Cass Jennings takes up the offer to winter over along with a base population of just over 40 scientists chosen for their skills in being able to cope with almost anything, help is practically non-existent after the last flight has left the base. Right at the start of Cass’s stay at the base, a discovery of a dead female scientist frozen to death outside the base puzzles and worries everyone. Little do they all know that much worse is to come…..

Chilling, tense, addictive, this novel will have you hooked from the beginning and drawn in to this claustrophobic Antarctic base. A five star thriller – highly recommended!