Incredibly creepy, this book will have you looking behind your shoulder at dark corners of your room!

Simon is an adrenaline junkie and works with a partner, Thierry running a website featuring mysteries and weird experiences. On a planned trip to the notorious Welsh cave Cwm Pot to hopefully capture on film the dead bodies of climbers stuck in cave who lost their lives.

Led by an experienced caver by the name of Ed, the experience gets stranger and more weird and after a harrowing time, Simon is lucky to escape on his own with his life….but has he brought a physical presence of someone with him?

Following on from the cave, Simon is persuaded by Thierry to climb Mount Everest to film the numerous dead and frozen climbers left on the route to the summit. Unknowingly Simon becomes involved in something much stranger and the presence from the cave makes another appearance, far from being benevolent this is much more malevolent….

A fantastically creepy horror rooted in the strange phenomenon of the “the third man” the appearance of someone when you are in a lonely, dangerous situation. 

Very, very good and a highly recommend read!

My review is from an advance copy – due to be published May 2017