I haven’t enjoyed a book as much as this one for ages! Absolutely riveting…a thriller of the future, the past, time travel, changing the past and the future….

Hugh Stanton is an ex-soldier in 2024 who has suffered a terrible loss, loosing his wife and children in an awful accident. It seems he has nothing to live for. A meeting with his old professor of history at Cambridge reunites him with his past and a future, a mission linked to Sir Issac Newton’s theories of travel in time. 

The Professor reveals a plan to use Newton’s secret passed on by professor to professor in Cambridge to use his theory of being able to travel back in time to 1914 to specifically stop the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and then on to kill the Kaiser, leader of Imperial Germany. The aim to stop the First World War from ever happening and create an alternative 20th century, peaceful and more prosperous.

What follows is a superb thriller of historical proportions, entertaining, riveting and keeps you hooked from the beginning to the highly unexpected twist at the end. I won’t reveal anymore other than saying this story doesn’t end how you think it will…….

Highly, highly recommended!