New Pompeii is a fascinating novel, scifi, history, time travel and what if? Rolled all into one amazing story.
Novus Particles are a powerful energy corporation with endless amounts of money to spend on new projects, one of these projects unexpedectly discovers a way to ‘pull living people’ from events in the past and bring to the present or the future….

Bring in Nick Houghton a specialist in ancient Roman history who inadvertently brings himself to the attention of the CEO of NovusPart and so begins Nick’s incredible job offer to oversee and act as a historical advisor of Novus corporations new project, to design and build a replica of ancient Pompeii in the present day and pull all the living residents from historic Pompeii just before the eruption of mount Vesuvius destroys them all. To then populate a new Pompeii with authenticate real Roman citizens! Nick excitedly takes up the role, but very soon finds the new residents are far from happy and know instinctively that their Pompeii is not real… Events soon sour and Nick uncovers the true reason for the project…
I really loved this book, a brilliant conceived mixture of genres and what if scenarios. Fantastic and a true twist to the story at the end.

Five stars – Highly recommended!