Well where do I start? What a simply amazing rumbuntious (I made that word up) chillingly addictive, page-turning, thought-provoking, smoking devil of a novel!
My six day reading ‘romp’ has ended and now I’m bereft, I really feel connected to Jack, a sad, lonely multi-faceted character with let’s say an addiction to everything but a compulsion to unearth secrets and de-bunk mysteries.

Without revealing any spoilers, Jack Sparks has a troubled past and has fallen on luck by penning books about complicated and controversial subject matter, his work twinned and heavily promoted by his social media presence.

Jack’s new book leads him into researching the occult & paranormal, it’s aim to destroy the charlatans and expose it all as a complete hoax. His research leads him to a disastrous exorcism in Italy, one he thinks is a complete stage show and subsequently laughs at. What Jack doesn’t realise is that this exorcism is very real and by laughing in the face of evil he sets off a chain of revenge, paranormal happenings, death and ultimately a possession that will claim his life and many others…..

This book is almost akin to a ‘found footage’ movie but don’t be put off, it’s a massively well written chiller of satanical proportions. It keys into our deepest primal fears of the devil and hell and cleverly brings it all up to date and into our self-obsessed world of social media, tweets, videos and hyper connectedness that sometimes plagues relationships.

To sum up a roller-coaster of a good read, it kept me obsessed, addicted and chilled and took over my thoughts. I always say the sign of a good book is that you think about it when you’re not reading it and this is true about The Last Days of Jack Sparks.

A highly recommended 5 star read. Be warned this book sucks you in and won’t leave you until you’re spat out the other end!

A sequel please Mr Arnopp!

Martin Belcher – the naked book reviewer.