I’m in two minds about this book, the beautiful descriptions of the Icelandic barren wilderness and poignant thought provoking paragraphs a it nature versus man are wonderful but the storyline was puzzling and just when I thought I’d grasped what was happening it completely lost me again. 

The story revolves around four young people with an interesting back story. They take a jeep trip into Iceland’s volcanic hinterlands, barren but subtly alive. On getting lost they try to find a road and end up literally crashing into a remote farmstead owned by a peculiar and scary elderly couple. 

They soon learn that all is not what it seems here, why does the house have no windows on the ground floor, why do they lock and barricade themselves in at night fearing something or maybe someone? 

Atmospherically alive and scary with a note of suspense running through the book. It’s an interesting read but just lost me somewhere along the line and I struggled to understand what was going on. The climatic ending left me scratching my head in confusion. Maybe that’s the idea? I don’t know..

3 of 5 stars. Published in the UK October 2016. My advance readers copy courtesy Amazon Vine.