Sometimes it’s those books you look at and think ‘that’s not me’ but then read the back cover and find yourself drawn in by the story…Well Orphan X is one of those books.

A thriller and the beginning of a series surrounding the exploits of the main character Evan Smoak.

Evan was taken as a young boy from an orphanage, chosen by a top secret government programme to train agents or ‘orphans’ without any family connections to get in the way and ready them once they reach adulthood for a life of espionage, contract killings and ‘off the radar’ assignments.

After an explosive event Evan finds himself cut loose from the government programme that directed and gave him assignments. Now finding himself lost but with a infinite bank account, he makes himself a bunker within a normal looking Los Angeles high rise apartment and from there helps people in ‘tight’ situations.

A tense thriller, a mixture of James Bond meets The Terminator and the Punisher. I thoroughly enjoyed the exciting storyline and appreciated the flashbacks to tell Evan’s story from being taken from the orphanage to trained killer.

This looks like the beginning of a great series and can’t wait for the next book – ‘The Nowhere Man’ to see where Evan goes next!

5 of 5 stars. Highly recommended, especially if you read clothes free like me!

My copy:

Penguin UK paperback ISBN 978-1-405-91070-5