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5 of 5 stars

Another great find, Tracer is a science fiction thriller on hyper speed. It builds up the action chapter by chapter and keeps you page turning with the complex but easy to follow plot which opens up into an incredibly unique experience until the mouth opening climatic ending…

The future…Earth has been destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse and turned into a barren radiated mess. What’s left of the human race live in Outer Earth – a huge spiral space station 18 miles wide orbiting between Earth and the Moon.

Outer Earth has been orbiting for many years and is starting to show its age, its inhabitants manage to get by recycling and growing plants in a bio area called the food and air lab. Riley Hale the main character is a Tracer, a futuristic post man, running across the space station dodging dangerous gangs and riots to deliver goods. One day whilst on a dangerous run, Riley is attacked and accidentally sees the contents of a secret package….

A sequence of events starts, a fated meeting with a man called Oren Darnell, a man with evil intentions and his actions could destroy everything and the space station itself. Riley finds herself on a mission to save herself and literally the world around her….

Exciting, intense, pulse racing. A wonderful journey into an unknown future.

Highly recommended!